Remodeling Ideas for Improving Your Home’s Value

Remodeling your home is a great way to improve its value. There are so many things that you can do to spruce it up. Ideally, you should consider remodels every now and then, so that you can actually enjoy the benefits of the new additions and improvements. Also, doing so would place a far lower financial strain on you as against doing major remodels at one go, with the intention of getting the property ready for the market.

Remodels and renovations range from the simple to the more involved projects. Easy remodels include improving the plumbing and repairing a leaking roof. You can paint kitchen cabinets or even the house exteriors and interiors as a DIY project.

However, if you really wish to enjoy the benefits of a paint job, then let a professional handle it. A paint job is one of those remodels that offer an excellent return for the money spent.

Remodels are influenced by the lifestyle you wish to sell.

So, if you’re living in a part of town where you can hope to sell the idea of a home office, then get creative with the thought. A home office under the staircase is a great idea and could be the deal clincher for you. The space under staircases is invariably used for storage. Think different, depending on the buyer segment in mind. This space can also be used as a kennel for the pet dog.

Bookcases wrapped around the couch. That’s a great way to add appeal to any living room. Young parents might just fall in love with this idea. Do your bit to encourage little ones to pick up the reading habit and watch less of television. Some lumber and a good circular saw will get the job done, plus a hammer and some nails. Bookcases are simple projects that can add a lot of form and function to the home.

Add new doors. New doors can add spark to a room and liven up the interiors.

There’s a lot you can do with the landscaping. You can add beautiful shrubs, seasonal flowers, or evergreens. You can make the yard easier to maintain by planting hardy perennials and using gravel to prevent the growth of weed.

You can add outdoor seating, a firepit, or a fountain. For many properties, a remodeled front yard is the most important contributor to kerb appeal and can land you a great price for the property.

Intelligent space utilization is always appreciated. A bed with storage, a walkway under the stairs, and folding furniture are some ideas along this line of thought.

Kitchens invariably feature prominently in home remodel projects. A tiled backsplash for function and aesthetics, painted kitchen cabinets, adding an island for seating and storage, adding granite countertops, installing energy-efficient appliances, etc. are some of the things you can do to really spruce up the kitchen.

If the flooring needs to be changed, then do it. Go for flooring that is practical for a particular room and within your budget. Hardwoods are classy but cost a lot upfront. They last long. Engineered wood flooring is a cheaper alternative. Tiles, laminates, carpets, vinyl are other flooring alternatives. Each offers advantages and has some disadvantages. You must consider carefully.

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