Home Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

Home maintenance, preventative or necessary, is an essential cost for a homeowner. Avoid home maintenance at the risk of running up a huge bill when a problem gets out of hand. It could be moldy wallpaper or plumbing gone bust. A maintained home presents a neat look and is easier to put up for sale. If you get down to getting the maintenance done at the time of selling the house, you may not have the funds to do useful upgrades that would’ve allowed you a better price.

Consider spending one to four percent of your home’s value in maintenance annually. There are no fixed rules on where you should spend on repairs. It depends on the age of the house, type of construction, and location. You want a properly maintained basement that keeps out flood waters if you live close to the coast. You want the insulation to work properly if you live in a state with hot summers and cold winters.

The roof demands regular maintenance.

A poorly maintained roof not just causes leakages, affects wiring, and ruin the loft but also get blown away completely should your house be visited by hurricane force winds. Wet patches, spots without gravel, worn-out shingles, and damaged gutters should be repaired as early as possible. Gutters that don’t function properly can result in flooded basements and weakened foundations.

The bathroom demands maintenance. It could be leaky faucets or clogged pipes. Leaky flush tanks can be sneaky. You may not realize that you have this problem, until you initiate a fact-finding drive after receiving a hefty utility bill. The solution, usually, is to replace the flapper. You can do it yourself. The shower too has to be maintained. Check if the pipe to which the showerhead is attached is sturdy. It can corrode with time. The holes in the showerhead can get clogged with minerals. Replace the showerhead if sealing the cracked and leaky spots does not do the job.

Window Maintenance

Windows, because of their continual use, develop problems. The wood may swell or crack and the window may stop to open and close smoothly. If cracks and gaps appear between the window and its frame, it can impact the home’s insulation and drive up heating or cooling costs. The kind of maintenance you do will depend on the type of window – wood, metal, or vinyl.
Holes and cracks in the wall are unavoidable. But these are easily repaired with a little bit of spackle, paint, and some sandpaper. Again, this is an easy DIY activity unless the crack has affected the brickwork behind the paint.

Then, you may need the services of a mason.
HVAC systems in a house require planned maintenance. Breakdown maintenance of air conditioners and heating systems is expensive. Get your heating and cooling contractor to inspect the heat pumps and other related equipment and appliances to ensure that they are working properly.

A maintained home costs less to run than one which is neglected. The systems and appliances run longer and work more efficiently.

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