Choosing the Right Fireplace for your Home

A fireplace offers warmth for the body and creates memories for the soul. For people living in colder climes, a fireplace is a great addition to the interiors. It’s a useful home improvement that can actually raise the value of your property, should you ever want to sell the house.

If you plan on adding a fireplace to your house, you may want to first explore the choices available. Wood burning fireplaces have been the traditional alternative. However, when we burn wood, it affects the quality of air outdoors, and if you’re living in a crowded neighborhood, the neighbors might not find the smoke very agreeable. Natural gas inserts or freestanding stoves that you can carry to any room are an alternative.

Pellet stoves and gas stoves are examples of gas fireplaces that can be relied upon to provide regulated and reliable heating for an area. Gas fireplaces can actually save you money over time, because these are excellent at heating up a space. Your utility bills will come down. Wood is a renewable resource but not very easy to procure. Moreover, wood-burning fireplaces can heat up an area only for some time, a few hours at the most. The weather of the region you live in is a prime consideration.

For warmer climes, big fireplaces are unsuitable unless they’re being added for aesthetic purposes. The right time to install a fireplace is when a house is being constructed. Retrofitting a fireplace in an existing home, especially an old one, can be tricky.

Do you know what zone heating is? It’s basically jargon for stating that a fireplace is best used for heating that space of the house where we are likely to spend the most of our time. Zone heating is economical and an environment friendly thing to do. If zone heating is on your mind, then a modern fireplace fired by gas or pellets is a better choice. Vent gas fireplaces are best installed near an outside wall so that they can easily access a source of oxygenated air to keep the flame burning.

Vent free fireplaces give you the freedom to install the fireplace anywhere on the property but they present the issue of condensation build up over time. This is undesirable as it affects the quality of air inside and may also impact furnishings and furniture.

If you wish to feel the cozy warmth of a fireplace anywhere in the room, then free-standing stoves are your best choice. Fireplace inserts are another alternative; they burn pellets made from compressed sawdust. Essentially, they use a byproduct of woodworking, which is a more eco-friendly option to using wood. Pellet-burning inserts can also use other fuels such as agricultural waste as well as corn. Pellet appliances are a great choice for homes in colder regions. Wood is not easy to procure during winters, and stocking wood takes up a lot of space.
These are the important factors to consider when choosing a fireplace. Add to the quality of your life and boost the value of your property with the right fireplace.

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