A Guide to Choosing Flooring for Your New Home

Choosing the right flooring is not easy. You have to live with your choice for decades. Before you put in money in choosing flooring, you may want to compare options in terms of your budget, weather considerations, and your lifestyle.

Hardwood is always considered by homeowners because it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room, it is also durable. You can give the hardwood flooring different types of finishes. Furthermore, the flooring acquires a character of its own as the wood ages. Hardwood flooring is among the costlier flooring options out there. While sturdy, hardwood flooring is best suited for homes with no pets or smaller children.

Engineered wood is an alternative to hardwood. It’s cheaper because it is made of compressed plywood. Engineered wood flooring is also easier to install. This flooring often has a veneer of hardwood on top. It requires more or less the same kind of care as hardwood flooring.

This flooring is preferably installed in areas with less moisture so as to prevent warping over time.

Vinyl is among the most popular flooring options. It is cheap and offers variety in terms of design. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Sweeping and mopping is all that it takes. One drawback of vinyl flooring is that is not very easy to repair. You can safely install vinyl flooring in bathrooms where the moisture and humidity levels are high.

Stone and porcelain tiles effect coolness. Porcelain and stone tiles are easy to maintain. You can install them indoors and outdoors. These tiles can withstand the kind of traffic that would wear out wood and dent vinyl.

Tiles can also be given finishes to mimic stone and wood. These are cheaper than wood, and easier to clean. Tiles can safely be installed in areas where the footfalls are high and in houses with pets and kids. Tiles are not affected by moisture and humidity. You can install these in laundries and kitchens.

Linoleum is made from a mix of linseed oil and wood flour. It is an environment friendly alternative. It resists attacks by microorganisms. Because this flooring is made from natural materials, it is safe for homeowners during installation and use. It’s an ideal flooring option in homes with small kids. Linoleum is also scratch-resistant and not affected by humidity and moisture.

For bathrooms, avoid linoleum squares with seams in between because moisture can seep through these.

Carpets are a versatile flooring option. You can lay carpets on any surface. These muffle sounds and add a rich feel to the aesthetics. They are available in different colors, shapes, designs, and patterns. With carpets, the drawback is that they are not easy to clean. They require frequent vacuuming. Carpets attract dust and may not be a good idea for people allergic to dust and dander.

Laminate flooring has gained popularity with those who wish for hardwood flooring but cannot afford its cost or fulfill its maintenance requirements. You can also choose for a stone texture. Laminate flooring can mimic other natural flooring options in the most wonderful manner.

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